Open Challenge Program


Open Challenge Program (OCP) is a platform where a startup gets an opportunity to solve problems through innovative solutions. The objective of Open Challenge Program(OCP) is to identity, recognize & reward aspiring and early-stage tech entrepreneurs and innovators in Smart Agriculture / Agri-Tech domain. This platform facilitates aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators and their success through strategic networking, seed funding, mentoring, providing support for training, marketing, patenting, access to the CoE labs, tools, software and state-of-the-art incubation facility.

Problem Statement

Note: The start-ups having any innovative idea/ prototype / solution in Agri-Tech domain are encouraged to apply for CoE FASAL through this Open Challenge Program. The Sample Problem Statements are given here.


Announcement of OCP for "Deep Tech and its Applications" 10th Feb, 2024
Start date of submitting application 10th Feb, 2024
Last date of submitting application 15th March, 2022
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